Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NRF Economic Forecast See Growth In '17

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Industry Insights
Billions Lost Due To Lack Of Personalization

Retailers missed out on $150 billion in revenue in 2016 because they failed to provide shoppers with personalized service, according to a new survey by TimeTrade. Providing shoppers with better customer experience could increase revenue by at least 5 percent, while millennials say they would pay up to 20 percent more for better retail experiences.

NRF's Economic Forecast See Growth For 2017

Predictions say retail could see growth between 3.7 and 4.2 percent year-over-year.

New Risks, New Resources

From cyber security to violent crime, mounting risks in retail require collaborative, innovative resource allocation.

Making Millennials Stay

You've read time and again that millennials want to be aligned with companies that value and promote work/life balance as well as maintain an ethical social conscience and an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Yet, millennials have a reputation for being flight risks when it comes to their jobs. So, beyond a flexible schedule and an altruistic work environment, what else is there? What are some other things retailers can do to make 'em stay?

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Magic Mirror, On The Wall
By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor

Learn why the fitting room might become the epicenter of customer engagement in apparel retailing.

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